Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 31st, 2013

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Instagram user @mileidy77 shared this great photo of a vintage Moto Guzzi. "#Yesterday #guzzioriginals #vintage #motoguzzi #motorcycle #moto #italy #italia #rusty #bobber #bike @guzzinerd #miami #oldcutler #ilovealexmackenzie"

Thanks for sharing Mileidy!
Contributor Post: A Jackass Wedding and a Scratched Up Guzzi

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Have you ever heard of “Super” Dave England? If so, you may know he was a wild snowboard pro in the early 90’s. You may also know he later moved, not surprisingly, into the limelight of Jackass, the TV show and movie franchise. I have known Dave for a solid decade. We met during the start of his career as a professional Jackass. We have become amazing friends and worked together to create some true gems like Balloon Bowl, Big Blades and let’s not forget the Mini Loop.

Dave’s oblique outlook on life makes hanging out with him exciting and entertaining. I often describe Dave as being “charming and offensive at the very same time.” When people meet him for the first time, they go from completely disgusted to completely attracted to him in a second’s passing. It’s that weird feeling of watching something you shouldn't or a dirty joke you can’t help but laugh at. You just never know what's going to happen next.

I met up with mutual friend Ray Gordon to collect our new rides for the weekend, a Moto Guzzi V7 Stone in white and one in black. Our plan was to go on a bachelor party motorcycle ride with Dave, a short little trip up through the canyons of Ventura County, give him a big ol’ man hug, and then send him off. Scott Toepfer and Tori Tuesday also joined us.

We met at a small 1950s style gas station in Dave’s home town of Ojai, California. We filled the thirsty Guzzis up with some dinosaur blood and headed up to the hills. Half way out we made a quick stop in a little overlook lot. I started to show off doing some burnouts and pitching, the surprising nimble, Guzzi sideways, etc. Dave had a keen eye on my style as he later admitted. All five of us mounted back up and drove a few more miles, ending up at a small pull-over spot overlooking some beautiful mountain scape with a reservoir down below. Being from the northwest, the cool so-cal ocean breeze in combination with the southern heat was a welcome change of pace. As we sat there laughing and reminiscing, Ray and I exchanged our views on what we liked about the Guzzis. Scott and Dave exchanged stories of both of their newborn babies, and Dave’s wedding. We all had that feeling of “all’s right with the world.” We were free birds in a free land...

Suddenly, a clearly free man jumped out of the bushes, as free of clothes, as one can be. Butt naked running across the road screaming. It was so out of place and surprising how fast it happened, it took me a second to realize it was none other than Super Dave England. He scurried up the cliffs on the other side of the road faster than a scared lizard.

Insert the “Why did the Jackass cross the road” joke here. We all had an amazing laugh, when Dave got stuck on the cliff. He eventually slid his way down only to run across the street again, climb on the Black Moto Guzzi and zip off into the sunset. It’s hard to say I didn't half expect the unexpected. After all that is what Dave does best. It all happened at lightning speed, in between gasps for air and laughing, there was no time to tell Dave to BE CAREFUL.

He zipped past us and innocent tourists in rental cars, showing off everything, and a bit too much. Dave finally decided it was time to get dressed, remembering the moves I had done earlier on the Guzzi, Dave decided to try a little hotshot demo for us. Kind of like watching a train wreck in slow motion, he did his last naked fly by, turn around, burnout, wheelie, and high side on my Guzzi. He went skidding down the road a few feet buns first. If you have ever seen Jackass 2 when Dave rides the water hose like a bronco, you will be able to picture the scene. Not pretty.

It was uncontrollable laughter. Luckily for him, the Guzzi, and for me the wreck was at 0mph. Quick disclaimer, I am a big proponent of safe riding. So let Super Dave be a lesson NOT to ride a motorcycle naked or above your ability. The Guzzi was relatively ok after all, a few scratches and a missing mirror. Dave had a sore ass and a few scratches.

Humbled by the experience we slowly rode down the hill to Dave’s wedding. Dave England married Shawna England. Some familiar faces were in attendance included Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jones, and of course Chris Pontius. We danced the night away laughing and having a great time in celebration. Dave is a great human being, he has an amazing family, and it’s all mighty surprising. Ray and I had a great time on the Guzzis. They are incredibly fun to ride (clothed or not). Grunty and fast. In my opinion, quite nimble. The perfect motorcycle to free your mind, and your spirit. Two up, is no different. Tori rode on the back most of the 300+ miles without one complaint. I do want to apologize to the Black V7 Stone for the naked man who dropped you, and maybe the couple wheelies I did.

Written by Thor Drake, follow him at @seeseecoffee.

Photos by Ray Gordon.

To view more photos from this adventure visit the Moto Guzzi Americas Facebook page.

Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 24th, 2013

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Instagram user @verticalyatchclub shared this rad drawing of a motorcycle. "#office #drawing #bad" Thanks for sharing Aaron!

Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 17th, 2013

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Instagram user @steadyfilm shared this photo of a Moto Guzzi bike by Cup A Joe in North Carolina. "Coffee break, outside @cupajoeraleigh"

We love the composition of this shot, thanks for sharing!

Contributor Post: From Switzerland to Canada On A Guzzi

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Katharina Riedener-Brunner is a Moto Guzzi enthusiast and current resident of Canada. While growing up in Switzerland she discovered her passion for motorcycles while watching her brother ride his first bike. Her is her story:

I grew up in Switzerland and have always had a passion for motorbikes. In 1982, my brother bought his first Moto Guzzi, a year later my husband bought his 1982 Moto Guzzi Le Mans 2. We always rode through the mountains to Italy and France. I started out with a little Laverda then in 1988 bought my 1976 Le Mans 1, which I still ride today.

I fell in love with the design and lightness of the bike. In 1989, I had it rebuilt and tuned by the Swiss Transcontinental, and got back a hot cafe racer.

In 1995, we moved to Canada and I now ride my Guzzi in British Columbia and also in Washington State! I love it as is and never looked at another bike again.

Do you live the Guzzi Originals lifestyle? If yes, then you should contribute to Moto Guzzi Originals, submit your stories to tveras@piaggiogroupamericas.com

2013 AMD World Championship Winner: ‘Rondine’

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At this year's AMD World Championship, Medaza Cycles based in Ireland, won the Freestyle Class title with their custom Rondine featuring a horizontally-mounted 1971 Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone 500 single-cylinder engine.

For more photos visit Moto Guzzi Americas Facebook Page.
Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 10, 2013

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Instagram user @revivalan shared this photo of his custom Moto Guzzi bike. "Staying in the shop 'til 2am ain't so bad when this is how you get home," - Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles.

We agree, this bike is a beauty. Thanks for sharing Alan!

Conversation-Starting Accessories For Guzzisti

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Giles & Brother was founded over a decade ago by siblings Courtney and Philip Crangi with the intent of create jewelry that told their story. “I always liked the idea that we’re making things that are impossible to place in the continuum in the canon of jewelry,” said Philip. Both grew up in Florida and Philip as a kid always looked for pieces that reminded him of pirate’s treasure. When they both moved to New York City to start their line of jewelry, they decided to name it Giles & Brother, Courtney’s nickname growing up was Giles.

In their studio in midtown close to the Garment District, they create various pieces everyday including their signature piece, the railroad spike bracelet, by hand using tools that a metal smith uses such as hammers, molds, fire torches, and different metals. The studio looks like a mini manufacturing space with multiple wooden shelves filled with rare beads, spools with various chains in different shapes and colors, hardware pieces, but the space at the same time is beautifully decorated with books, drawings, vintage radios, and a huge surfboard hanging on the wall. The space’s vibe brings one back in time when technology wasn't so advanced and things were made and perfected by hands.

The fact this type of craftsmanship still exists in such an urban and fast paced city such as New York is a true rarity. The art of making something with hands using basic tools doesn’t only show one’s love for their craft but also defines a true originals lifestyle. “That’s the fun part for me, telling a story. I guess it’s my story,” said Philip.

Moto Guzzi motorcycles have always been great conversation starters and we think Giles & Brother accessories are a perfect example of a timeless piece to own. Already sporting Giles & Brother? Just tweet or Instagram a shot of you and your favorite custom-made cuff or bracelet, along with a #guzzioriginals hash tag so we can feature you here in the Originals Dialogue and Gallery.

To view Giles & Brother full collection including the Railroad Spike bracelet visit GilesandBrother.com.

Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 3, 2013

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Instagram user @seeseemotorcycle shared this photo using the hash tag #GuzziOriginals while he was celebrating Dave England's bachelor party. Looks like these guys were having fun out there!

V7 Stone Customized

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Major props to Bobby at Pro Italia for this clean custom V7 Stone inspired by the original V7 Sport. The new owner of this bike is a lucky guy!

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