Guzzisti of the Week – June 19, 2014

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Guzzisti Photo of the Week – May 12, 2014

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This week’s Guzzisti of the Week comes from Manuele Micocci. Visit http://www.motoguzzioriginals.com/ to find out how to submit your photos and we may feature you in the future.
How is a Motorcycle Like a Handbag?

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Watch the video below featuring WSJ.com's Dan Neil (@danneilwsj)

Q&A: Miguel Galluzzi, Head of Piaggio Group Advanced Design Center

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Miguel Galluzzi in the historical Moto Guzzi motorcycle wind tunnel in Mandello del Lario. Moto Guzzi created the first ever motorcycle wind tunnel in 1950 which enabled racers to mimic real-life riding conditions and optimize their seating and body position at varying racing speeds – an unprecedented advantage for racing and production motorcycles.

Do the two California 1400 Touring and Custom models best represent Moto Guzzi tradition or its future?

The California 1400 is a balancing point between tradition and the future. The design was intended to be reminiscent of the traditional California design, with the sleek lines of the fuel tank, the curved handlebar, the chromium passenger grab handle on the Touring, and the long mudguards. At the same time the new 1400 is more modern, more comfortable, more hospitable, richer and more sumptuous than the previous model. The style was born, I believe in a balanced way, based on tradition which we did not want to forget on one hand, and on the other it brings innovation and an advanced spirit that a modern day Moto Guzzi must have if it aims for the top. The center of the bike strongly recalls tradition as the lines of the tank and saddle converges there, forming that imaginary "cross" which is so typical of previous models. On the other hand, there is no lack of a certain innovative style, provided by the wide rear tire and the front headlight assembly. In fact, the characteristics of the lights are ultra-modern, the front light has full LED illumination like those on high end and elite cars. It is really as if it wants to illuminate the road that opens up before Moto Guzzi, in a new light, brighter and clearer.

What was the primary goal in designing the California 1400?

Exploiting the lines of its engine. It is the only one of its kind in the world and it deserves to be left as visible as possible. The engine, which is such a signature of Moto Guzzi, became a true aspect of design. Its brand new lines represent the character and power that this 90° V twin is capable of doing. This explains why we decided to trim back the tank side fairings, in order for them to not cover the cylinder heads. Its most attractive view is from behind, the two cylinders can be seen emerging, better yet, exploding from the fuel tank. This is a clear representation of the bike's character, an ultra-modern cruiser, splendid to ride at low speeds, but also ready for a bold and fun ride at a moment's notice.

What sets it apart from the competition?

First and foremost the brand on the tank. It is 100% Moto Guzzi, all built by hand in the Mandello del Lario plant. On a dynamic level, it stands out for its features of handling and riding pleasure, which is unique in its category. On a design level, it catches the eye with its powerful engine which bulges from under the fuel tank, as well as its refined details and the style of some of its solutions such as the light assemblies and the instrument panel. The California 1400 is one of the few bikes that manage to convey the impression of craftsmanship and truly exceptional attention to detail.

What is the aspect that a Moto Guzzi will always have?

Personality, style and character of a 'made in Italy' bike. The new California is the only custom that rides like a normal bike, with a high potential for fun in turns, in addition to comfort and protection from the winds at the highest levels. It is an example of an excellent combination of design and function.
The Devil’s In Moto Guzzi’s Details

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Although the devil may wear Prada, demons lie within the details of motorcycle design. That’s because packaging complex mechanical elements into a functional end product is an engineering science, but to do so in a compelling and appealing way is a delicate art.

One school of design that stands out is the sense of style that’s been cultivated by Moto Guzzi. For decades, its unique, transverse, V-twin engine architecture has been clothed in a provocative air of sophistication. Its striking silhouette is simultaneously elegant, yet still delightfully revealing.

But there’s more to the outward attire than just color, hue and material fabric that drapes such rolling sculpture. Just like on the runway or red carpet, it’s the Mandello del Lario designer’s subtle use of fashion accessories that creates Moto Guzzi’s A-list, celebrity status.

Moto Guzzi seats are more than just form-fitting furnishings for its passengers. They’re crafted examples of the saddle maker’s art, which include texture, surface tension and stitching to encourage riders on board, and then coddle them once there.

Turn signals don’t just twinkle for the rider’s stated intention; they’re meticulously molded to sparkle like fine cut crystal. Any motorcycle manufacturer can use universal, plastic tie straps or zip ties to bundle control cables together but a motorcycle maker like Moto Guzzi, however, consciously chooses exquisite, button-end straps of the precise length, instead.

And every example of this two-wheeled version of haute couture includes jewel-like accouterments set all over the bike, such as the cloisonné-inspired badges that still straddle each side of the fuel tank…instead of today’s de rigueur decals. And not to be left out of the haute equation, the laboriously braided, stainless-steel hydraulic lines that displace the more menial, mainstream rubber hoses.

There are carefully cast stanchions to mount bar risers and levers, which could have just as easily been crudely considered brackets. Fasteners are first class. And the Moto Guzzi emblem…the equivalent of a designer logo… is discretely applied in such select spots as the instrument faces, the fuel filler flap and the tail light lens.

In fact, there’s such finery in a Moto Guzzi’s fittings that you might otherwise be fooled into thinking that…it’s a Moto Gucci.

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Steven Rossi was bitten by the Moto Guzzi bug almost 35 years ago when he stumbled across a G5 parked on Montague Street in Brooklyn, New York. The vivid memory remains with him to this day, demonstrating his personal passion for the brand.

It’s All In The Genes: Mandello del Lario and the Pedigree of Moto Guzzi Motorcycles

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They say that “good genes go a long way,” and so it goes in the two-wheeled world as well. That’s why so many of Moto Guzzi’s most admired traits are truly hereditary.

Since 1921, Moto Guzzi motorcycles have been conceived at a special place called Mandello del Lario. It sits beside lovely Lake Como, and lies in the shadow of the Italian Alps. That’s where the family tradition all began, and where it remains to this day.

Each and every Moto Guzzi born there is the product of a unique parentage. Guzzi motorycles are blessed with a unique combination of exquisite Italian design flair and long-legged, over the road capability. That’s why they are equally at home when sitting beside the curb in front of a chic café or blasting along the two-lane, twisties through the Futa Pass in Italy.

Spanning generations, the ancestry is obvious when you consider such offspring as the current V7 Racer and its siblings, in comparison to the V7 Sport that inspired it. The common parentage is easily recognized by its transverse mounted, air-cooled V-twin engine. No other motorcycle is made like this. And the bloodlines go beyond…from the mid-range, 750cc engine capacity to Guzzi’s time-honored, shaft-drive solution.

Such inherited traits are amped up even more in V7 Racer trim. Fine breeding has ensured that this special edition Moto Guzzi demonstrates good manners and even better behavior. It’s rock solid and stable, never nervous or twitchy. With powerful brakes it’s certainly safe, and its uniquely calibrated suspension ensures that it’s even more fun.

While the V7 Racer may be easy to ride, there’s only a fortunate few who will ever get the chance to do so. Because one look will confirm that it’s incredibly exclusive. Considering the cost, though…for what is truly a factory custom…it’s especially economical. No surprise…that same consideration of spirit and soul is what seasoned the V7 Sport into the legend that it is today.

So even in this day and age, where competitive offerings from other manufacturers from the “old country” can actually hail from places like Thailand (shhh…don’t tell), the pedigree of the Moto Guzzi family tree remains pure. And it shows in the lineage of bikes like the original V7 Sport and its kinship to today’s V7 series.

Yes, Moto Guzzi genealogy has confirmed the hypothesis that there is a lot to be said for good genes.

The Moto Guzzi Mystique In One Word: “Conoscenti”

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The ignition key of any Moto Guzzi does more than simply let you thumb the starter and bring the engine to life. It allows the lucky one who holds it to unlock an elusive lifestyle of an independent spirit and free thinking, and enter the rarified realm of the conoscenti.

Strictly speaking, the definition of conoscenti is: “persons who have a superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, especially in the fine arts, literature and the world of fashion.” Coincidentally, the term is often applied to finer things from Italy. And, it can certainly apply to select, Italian-made motorcycles.

Since 1921, Moto Guzzi ownership has been an exclusive experience enjoyed by those few who have the ability to appreciate its seductive competence. The conoscenti, so to speak.

When you look at a Moto Guzzi you savor its authentic, Italian style. When you assess the assembly of a Moto Guzzi you respect its careful craftsmanship, and realize that it’s a special combination of technology and tradition. And when you get onboard and ride a Moto Guzzi, you treasure its long-legged, over-the-road dynamics…which are just as distinctive.

But the secret is that it’s only those who are ”really in the know,” who can fully comprehend the compelling combination of all of those attributes that make a Moto Guzzi, a Moto Guzzi. It’s a harmonious blend and balance of passionate virtue that ensures that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and it’s only available from motorcycles that are made in Mandello del Lario, Italy.

So if you have the good fortune to have the key to a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, it will do more than just unlock the ignition to start the engine. It will stir your soul, and allow entry into the enchanting existence of…the conoscenti.

Then, you’ll know and understand…

About The Author

Steven Rossi was bitten by the Moto Guzzi bug almost 35 years ago when he stumbled across a G5 parked on Montague Street in Brooklyn, New York. The vivid memory remains with him to this day, demonstrating his personal passion for the brand.

Motorcycles & Suits: Never Settle For Either “Off The Rack”

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Today, every consumer enjoys the option and power of choice. Mere commodities exist to satisfy the multitude of basic needs and wants, while more unique alternatives offer a level of specialization that only a select few will ever really appreciate.

For example, consider the difference between clothing that comes off the rack versus that which is custom-tailored. Both may provide basic warmth and comfort. But the choice for a custom-fit brings a level of intrinsic advantage with it, in such details as stitching and material quality, that truly sets itself apart through more than just perceived value. The fact is, savvy shoppers are more than ready and willing to pay a premium for such distinction. And in many cases, the cost differential is, in fact, not as much as one might imagine.

Likewise, the same scenario exists with motorcycles. Moto Guzzi designers have infused their machines from Mandello del Lario with an aesthetic expression that is as individual as a fine, custom-tailored, Italian suit. There’s a seductive sense of style that comes as standard equipment with each and every Moto Guzzi motorcycle. It begins with such attention to detail as the way in which the front tire and wheel combination delicately fills and follows the curvature of its fender opening.

From there, such artistry extends itself through fluid lines and flowing surfaces that convey a feeling of motion and purpose throughout the remainder of the machine, back to the very tip of the tail light. Which comes as no surprise, since Moto Guzzi engineers have long relied on Mother Nature to help shape and mold their end products…through the use of wind tunnel design techniques…and combined them with unparalleled, Italian design flair.

And there are even more masterstrokes that abound, from the refined palette of color and hue, to the discriminating selection of plating and surface treatments.

It all adds up to the difference between just an assembled motorcycle, versus one that’s artistically and specifically sculpted. Or in other words, the difference between one that’s bought off the rack, compared to a unique example that can be considered…custom-cut.

So when it comes to the eye-pleasing allure and sense of style that Italy’s Moto Guzzi motorcycles offer, the age-old adage still rings true, “The quality remains, long after the price has been forgotten.” Why?

Because the Moto Guzzi name is the two-wheeled equivalent of a custom-cut Armani suit.

Ready to get fitted for your ride? Visit a dealer near you.

About The Author

Steven Rossi was bitten by the Moto Guzzi bug almost 35 years ago when he stumbled across a G5 parked on Montague Street in Brooklyn, New York. The vivid memory remains with him to this day, demonstrating his personal passion for the brand.

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