Motorcycles & Suits: Never Settle For Either "Off The Rack"

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Today, every consumer enjoys the option and power of choice. Mere commodities exist to satisfy the multitude of basic needs and wants, while more unique alternatives offer a level of specialization that only a select few will ever really appreciate.

For example, consider the difference between clothing that comes off the rack versus that which is custom-tailored. Both may provide basic warmth and comfort. But the choice for a custom-fit brings a level of intrinsic advantage with it, in such details as stitching and material quality, that truly sets itself apart through more than just perceived value. The fact is, savvy shoppers are more than ready and willing to pay a premium for such distinction. And in many cases, the cost differential is, in fact, not as much as one might imagine.

Likewise, the same scenario exists with motorcycles. Moto Guzzi designers have infused their machines from Mandello del Lario with an aesthetic expression that is as individual as a fine, custom-tailored, Italian suit. There’s a seductive sense of style that comes as standard equipment with each and every Moto Guzzi motorcycle. It begins with such attention to detail as the way in which the front tire and wheel combination delicately fills and follows the curvature of its fender opening.

From there, such artistry extends itself through fluid lines and flowing surfaces that convey a feeling of motion and purpose throughout the remainder of the machine, back to the very tip of the tail light. Which comes as no surprise, since Moto Guzzi engineers have long relied on Mother Nature to help shape and mold their end products…through the use of wind tunnel design techniques…and combined them with unparalleled, Italian design flair.

And there are even more masterstrokes that abound, from the refined palette of color and hue, to the discriminating selection of plating and surface treatments.

It all adds up to the difference between just an assembled motorcycle, versus one that’s artistically and specifically sculpted. Or in other words, the difference between one that’s bought off the rack, compared to a unique example that can be considered…custom-cut.

So when it comes to the eye-pleasing allure and sense of style that Italy’s Moto Guzzi motorcycles offer, the age-old adage still rings true, “The quality remains, long after the price has been forgotten.” Why?

Because the Moto Guzzi name is the two-wheeled equivalent of a custom-cut Armani suit.

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Steven Rossi was bitten by the Moto Guzzi bug almost 35 years ago when he stumbled across a G5 parked on Montague Street in Brooklyn, New York. The vivid memory remains with him to this day, demonstrating his personal passion for the brand.